The DataPLANT DataHUB – a GitLab Plus

On-premise DataHUBs

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ARC services are available as on-premise option



  • FAIR data along the research data cycle
  • Structured exchange of (meta)data
  • Local (long-term) storage, backup, version control
  • Integration of existing services and infrastructure
  • External collaboration

HHU-DataHUB – Node for platforms

Embedded into an RDM network

CEPLAS collaborates with DataPLANT and NFDI4BIOIMAGE

# Connection to the NFDI ![](../../../img/connection_NFDI.drawio.png) --- # Data Stewardship between DataPLANT and the community <!-- fit ![w:880](./../../../img/DataPLANT_big_collaboration.drawio.png) ---

--- # CEPLAS Research Data Policy <div class="two-columns"> <div> ![](./../../../img/ceplas-policy-title.png) </div> <div> ![](./../../../img/ceplas-ARCs.drawio.svg) </div> </div>