DataPLANT members participated in the first NFDI4BIOIMAGE - TA3-Hackathon at CECAD at the University of Cologne

29 Nov 2023

All participants from various Task Areas (TAs) of NFDI4BIOIMAGE and Heinrich Lukas Weil from DataPLANT actively contributed via presentations, hacking, discussion and documentation on four topics. These correspond to various measures in TA3 (and TA1 & TA5) of NFDI4BIOIMAGE comprising OMERO-ARC interoperability, REMBI and mapping as well as the Neuroglancer.

The NFDI4BIOIMAGE - TA3-Hackathon - UoC-2023 was jointly organized by members of CECAD Imaging Facility, CEPLAS, C3RDM, RRZK & TRR341 + support from CECAD-IT and RRZK: Eik Dahms, Niraj Kandpal, Astrid Schauss, Andrea Schrader, Monica Valencia-Schneider, Peter Zentis and the TA3 co-lead Torsten Stöter (LIN, Magdeburg) with support from Moritz Hövels and Daniel Wickeroth.

The results are available to the community on Github:
Cologne Hackathon 2023.
This will serve as the basis to continue the work towards OMERO-ARC interoperability during the de.NBI BioHackathon Germany in December 2023:
Towards OMERO and ARC interoperability for RDM-compliant bioimage data.

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Abstract - Towards OMERO and ARC interoperability for RDM-compliant bioimage data