MAdLand and DataPLANT signed a Memorandum of Understanding

8 Jul 2022

On 8th July the MAdLand project represented by Prof. Dr. Stefan A. Rensing and DataPLANT represented by its speaker signed a Memorandum of Understanding on joint collaboration in research data management in fundamental plant research. Both parties share the same goals to reach FAIRification of research data as in modern plant research, scientists increasingly rely on research data management (RDM) for the effective acquisition, processing, archival, and sharing of research data sets. The collaborators are convinced that RDM is a fundamental building block in science to ensure advancement and innovation by exchanging of interdisciplinary expertise and knowledge. Thus, the field of collaboration encompass the implementation of the FAIR data principles, the building a community centric infra- and service structure and the forming a strong network for RDM information and knowledge.

To extent the common mission further, MAdLand and DataPLANT agreed on the following specific project collaborations:

  • MAdLand will use the ARC structure for all central managed and relevant data generated within the priority program.
  • Existing web-based resources developed by and provided to the MAdLand community will be embedded into the DataPLANT ecosystem to allow further access to the plant community. In particular, the collaboration focuses on the further FAIRification of TAPscan, PEATmoss and P. patens.
  • Support for the implementation of these components will be provided by DataPLANT via personnel resources.

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