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DataPLANT infrastructure and services at upcoming NFDI Tool Talk

19 May 2022

The infrastructure development team of DataPLANT will present “The current state of developments in the DataPLANT infrastructure and services” at the upcoming NFDI tool talks. The tool talks are open to the wider NFDI community and foster the exchange between the practitioners and developers in research data management tools and services. It allows us to verify our concepts and receive feedback on the principles and ideas before advancing them to the next level.

The presentation follows up on the overview given in the internal progress seminar beginning of May and discusses the state of already implemented services and how they could fit into either local or centralized research infrastructures. In the future these services may run on-top of future NFDI base services or integrate NFDI base service components like AAI. DataPLANT services might be offered to a wider community beyond fundamental plant research as well.

Services like the DataHUB for creating and curating ARCs will be presented as well as Swobup, the ontology backend to Swate. The envisioned architecture centers around the DataPLANT service gateway provided through the entry proxy which multiplexes to individual (micro) services, which can be hosted at different (geographic) locations. The desktop tools will be presented in the VDI component to demostrate the possibilities for future remote trainings in DataPLANT.

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